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Quick Repair Preparation Bay: Sanding, Priming and Spot Repair Booth

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Preparation Quick Repair
Quick Repair Infra-Red Bay

Fast repairs and vehicle preparation – The Prep range of repair zones are for high productivity areas and designed to reduce the amount of time your workshop spends on spot repairs and vehicle preparation prior to painting. They can also be used as independent fast repair zones avaliable in both crossflow open bays and full downdraft preparation zones. A full list of features is listed below, some models may carry optional equipment.

Revo Speed Controls Preparation Bay Controls Single Skin cosntruction downdraft
Quick Repair Automotive Preparation Bay Range with Infra Red
Open Fronted Preparation Bay
Open Fronted Preparation Bay
Open Fronted Preparation Bay
Open Fronted Prep Bay

The Open Fronted Preparation Bay Areas are designed to provide a compliant area for prepping, sanding, priming and quick repair top coatings. These prep areas can be installed as crossflow and downdraft setups. These are the ultimate in affordable Australian Made spray painting, prepping and priming bays. The combination of quality and price provides a fully compliant Australian manufactured prep bay unit that ensures safety and performance.

Quick Specs:

High quality construction with single skin ECO Cabin and EPS insulated panel in Colorbond white finish. The interlocking wall panel system doors, walls and ceiling are of a modular design allowing for quick assembly and perfect fitment. Modular pressed panel construction roof and truss design for a bolt together fit with rear access lighting and optional 45 degree lighting design ensuring optimal work area brightness.

Air Handling

Superior airlfow is the key to any prep area and TRUFLOW's axial drive and centrifugal impellors ensure high airflow with low noise.

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Downdraft Preparation Bay
Quick Repair Bay
Spot Repair Downdraft
Downdraft Preparation Bay

The Spot Repair Downdraft provides the cleanest of preparation environments. It is the ultimate fast turn around repair system for today's high volume panel shop. Fully compliant and Australian manufactured this preparation system coupled with a REVO infra- red unit will turn any panel shop into a production line by minimising vehicle movement during repairs.

Quick Specs:

A downdraft repair system has numerous advantages, the most lucrative of which is the ability to fully repair a damaged vehicle without moving the vehicle. Combined with an infra-red unit this downdraft preparation bay could be the productivity centre of your workshop.


With downdraft airflow and 10um (micron) clean airflow filtration the preparation bays in this range allow for operators to apply top coats just as they would in a conventional spray booth without having to run a complete oven. The unit is enclosed with curtain separators and centralised exhaust pit allowing for a economical repair in a conventional space.

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Dust Extraction Combined System
TRUFLOW Mobile Dust Extraction
Prep Bay Mounted Dust Extraction and Arm
Dust Extraction Unit

Minimising dust during the repair process ensures you can quickly repair a vehcile with a significantly reduced chance of rework. A good dust extraction system is essential for any paint repair workshop or panel repair centre. TRUFLOW has a wide range of products which can be fitted to any prep bay, built in as a centralised system or kept mobile for the entire workshop.

Quick Look at the Range:

The Bellini CAP-B31 Unit is a combined dust extractor turbine system which allows operators to have a single station providing all job specific needs in one location. Fitted with power supply, compressed air and turbine filter dust extraction this unit is built into the preparation area for a complete solution.


A simple yet comprehensive dust extraction setup which allows operators to move tools with them as they move from job to job.


Overhead mounted to preparation bays and workshop walls this extractor arm is a clever solution for workshops with limited space.

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Revo infra red
Revo Infra red Smart Repair technology
Revo Speed Spot Repair
Revo TSA Operation
Infra Red Cure
IRT Technology
Hand Held Manual Infra Red
IRT Hyperion - Trisk Infra Red Rail
REVO Infra Red Technology
Running Costs REVO infra red

The experience acquired by our staff, thanks to the installation of
infra-red drying systems since 1982, is the starting point for the
development of Revo systems.
Our commitment was to respond to the needs of modern body shops, providing them with the ideal instrument to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability, without altering the painting process and increasing the safety of the working environment.
Today the third version of the Revo maintains its versatility, thanks
to the fact that it can be installed in almost every new or existing
plant; it also gains improved operating speed, further reducing
working times and energy consumptions.
Today the average extent of the repaired damages is significantly
lower than in previous years. About 75% of vehicles entering body
shops only require attention to 3 panels or less, generating the
need for more efficiencies when undertaking this type of work.
Revo has always been developed to meet these new demands for
a quick repair, focusing the drying power only where it is really
needed and therefore avoiding wasted time and energy. Resulting in lower repair costs and increased profitability through increased

Why use short waves electric infra-red?

All Revo systems use high short waves quality ruby coated lamps,
an instinctive choice taken during the first steps of the Revo project
The decision to use electric infra-red is because it is extremely
versatile and has unique advantages in performance, making
the equipment ideal for use in today's modern body shops. IR rays
emitted by short wave infra-red lamps can penetrate various paint
product layers applied onto the surface, reaching and directly
heating the lower support.
Effectively allowing the paint material to dry from the inside to
the outside, ensuring an optimal and complete evaporation of
the volatile components and an unmatched curing of the surface.
Lamps reach very high temperatures (up to 1200°C) in less than
a second and cool down rapidly. This feature together with the
specific software ensures the complete control of the power (from
0 to 100%) allowing full monitoring of the temperature applied to
the surface which is to be dried, monitoring every level of moisture
and ambient temperature, with every kind of paint material, curing
independently from the support material (steel, aluminium, plastic,
carbon fibre, wood…).

Quick Specs: What IR Products can we offer?

Revo Speed is a semi-automatic system that is extremely flexible
and easy to use, with simple operations, thanks to its on-board
touch screen computer.

Click here to download the Revo Infra-Red brochure.


The New Revo T.S.A., is our premier model in the Revo range, it
inherits from its predecessor the unquestionable drying efficiency
where speed and quality meet to ensure unbeatable results.

Click here to download the Revo Infra Red brochure


The direct competitor of the IRT Unit, the Mobile system, which slides on rails that can move on any axis and rotate 360° is an advanced touch screen control unit that far exceeds our competitors designs. It can be fitted in every spray booth or preparation area (F.S.U.), with single or multiple zones..

Click here to download the FSU IRT Infra Red brochure.


The computerised and independent control on each single cassette
allows different materials to dry (aluminium, plastics, light steel),
commonly used in the construction of new generation vehicles.

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