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Andrews Smash Repairs

This high volume panel repair facility is state of the art - repairing small, medium and heavy hit collisions is the day to day operation here at Andrews Smash Repairs. This was a consideration when the owners made the decision to setup new spray booths and rapid repai bays. Reliability, performance and quality.

Two Elite series full downdrafts have been installed, one intergrated paint mixing room and a five car prep bay with one REVO Arch Infra red.

Full Downdraft Elite Series, Quick Repair, Preparation Bays, Revo Infra red

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BCC Project

The recently completed facility is a state of the art spraying and baking facility with multiple spray booths and large mixing zone. With space limitations the installation was both technically and functionally challanging; however the reasults speak for themselves. The project was a complete turn-key operation including removal of existing units followed by the installation of Two Large booths, 22mts and 30mts respectivly and one parts booth 7.3mts. A large mixing room interconnecting the booth was also fitted.

Truck and Bus Spray Booth, Custom Project Installation.

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Spray Area Hickory Group

When presented with the challange of providing a large scale spray area for the undercoating and protective coating application of large modular building structures and chassies with a unique production line concept TRUFLOW presented a solution which was both cost effective and suitable to this enviroment. When installed the multi bay spray area with zoned lighting was a great sucess providing a large dry filter extarction wall that meets 4114.1 & 4114.2:2003 standard.

Preparation Spray Area Zones and Booth, Industrial Dry Filter Spray Booth

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NCD Re-finishing Tocumwal

As a regional custom re-finisher NCD in Tocumwal NSW right on the murray river boarder was in the need of a quality spraying and baking oven for his repair facility. After looking at multiple suppliers he choose TRUFLOW to porvide his spray booth. He said that TRUFLOW simply represented the best quality and value for money, he choose to buy a locally manufactured product because he knew he could trust that when it was installed it would be compliant, certified and reliable.

Full Downdraft Spray Booths , Semi Downdraft Spray Booths

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Aviation Spray Booth

The aviation industry is known for quality control, the conditions in a Aerospace/ Aviation based spray booth must be perfect at all times. Controlled Humidity to 50% RH and temperature at an optimum 22.C with a 65.C bake over a 3-4 hour period. For this reason TRUFLOW has been choosen as a supplier to a number of avaition companies in Australia. The reason is the avanced technology and quality of TRUFLOW product combined with data logging and accuracy systems allowing for products to remain +/- 1 from the required setpoint.

Custom Spray Booths, Industrial and Aviation application large booths

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South Tweed Auto Smash

South Tweed is a high volume panel shop managed as a family business. They provide the region with high quality repairs through quality service, parts and finishing. When they looked at upgrading the facility they currently operate from they were faced with some space challanges but were completly workflow and efficiency focused. They decided that multiple downdraft clean repair bays would be required and a oversized full downdraft to allow them to output high volumes of repairs and at the same time increase quality.

Full Downdraft Elite Series, Quick Repair, Preparation Bays, Revo Infra red

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