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Spray Booth Servicing and Maintenance

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TRUFLOW SD (SERVICE DIVISION) offers our customers a number of standard servicing schedules. We can test and assess all areas of your Spray Booth performing a full and thorough service no matter what brand of spray booth you own, including 12 monthly burner services and documentation for Gas and Oil units.

No matter how large or how small we can adapt a service schedule to suit your needs and reduce your downtime.

Spray Booth Servcing and maintenace

TRUFLOW stocks all replacement spare parts including: Spray booth fans, electric motors, new escape and entry doors, lighting units, glass, burners / heaters and control gear.

All works carried out is in accordance with current AS/ NZS 4114.1 & .2 Australian Standards.


FAQ - What services do we provide, how can TRUFLOW SD service your booth needs?


Breakdown Response

We understand that every hour you lose due to a non-operational machine, is costing you money. As such 80% of breakdown call-outs are answered within just 5 hours by our Melbourne Metropolitan service technicians.

With our experienced technicians with combined industry experience of over 40 years our servicing, repairs and upgrades will cover all makes of spray booths (see below)

What Brands of Spray Booths do you service?

We service and stock parts for all major brands of spray booths, including Blowtherm, LOWBAKE Spray Booths, Seetal Spray Booths, Arden Spray Booths, Masterbooths, Prinz, OMIA, and more.

No matter what brand of Spray Booth you have TRUFLOW's Service Division will be able to help.

How regularly should I service my spray booth?

A busy spray booth may work over 80 hours a week, this is twice as hard as any of your other employees may be required to work. As such strains on machinery will occur. To reduce the risk of breakdowns and faults it is essential that the spray booth is serviced and checked for safety through a regular service program which is generally recommended every six months with basic servicing done weekly. However, not all booths are used with the same regularity, so a 12 monthly service may be appropriate for some applications. You can contact us now to discuss and identify your specific needs. Servicing your spray booth regularly ensures maximum air flow, clean environment and minimised running costs.

I'm moving factories can you help? Relocations and Upgrades.

YES! TRUFLOW's SERVICE Teams can relocate and re-commission your spray booth or oven. All brands of spray booths can be relocated and works carried out to bring them up to current Australian 4114.1 Standards.

Do you complete Insurance mandatory service works?

YES! Truflow can complete all certification work for existing spray booths and complete mandatory servicing for spray booths no matter the condition or brand. If the booth is not able to be certified in its current condition we can provide a complete quote on the works required to ensure complaince and certification. Then we can setup a service agreement which will keep your booth safe and operational with TRUFLOW service technicians completing works every 6 to 12 months.

Do you do Insurance repair works?

YES! Truflow can provide you with a full written report and quotation to ensure you get your claim quickly and resolve all the issues that has caused you to put in the claim. All works will be identified and reported to AS/NZS Australian Spray Booth Standards.


We guarantee our work! We complete all insurance work and insurance reports!
After the completion of a service, the customer is provided with a service docket certificate and in some cases a full report.  This clearly shows the issues identified if further works are required to be carried out. If any problems are detected or rectified this is also noted. 

All GAS works and burner servicing of GAS equipment is carried out by a Licensed Type B TRUFLOW Technician. GAS works are carried out with a detailed GAS report safety approval.

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