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At TRUFLOW we are completely and utterly solutions based as designers, engineers and tradesmen it’s ingrained in us. While we engineer, design and manufacture our spray booths and preparation bays in our three facilities located in Dandenong, Victoria, we understand that there is a big world out there, full of innovation and seemingly endless technology that can be applied to our locally manufactured products. Over the last few years it has become increasingly clear that looking into the future does not require a crystal ball, it’s as easy as connecting via Skype or making a phone call to our friends and partnership networks throughout Europe. A particularly fruitful relationship between Bellini in Italy and TRUFLOW Australia has emerged over the last few years. Bellini have been manufacturing infra-reds and supplying fast repair units to the Global panel repair industry for over 45 years and we are very proud to be offering the REVO range as part of our workshop solutions.

Infra-red preparation bays
Above: Large Repair Bay Fitted with REVO Infra RED Unit
Rapid repair prep bay
Above: Preparation Bay - 4 Car Bay

The technology contained within these REVO units is simply phenomenal, the REVO infra-red has proven itself as a performer in panel shops worldwide and now within Australia too. The REVO unit allows operators to cure paint in a single run, the cure is nearly instantaneous. With primers cured in 60 seconds and top coats in 90 seconds these results are not only proven they are measured and consumption costs are recorded so you know exactly how much each job is costing you. 

During a demo run we recorded one cycle pass over the repaired panel costing only 30 cents in electricity. This consumption cost is not a number picked out of fresh air; we prove it with a simple digital power consumption gauge which can be fitted to the REVO unit.  More importantly all of the above is achieved simply and quickly with a digital touch screen controller on board. This touch screen is pre-programed with your companies paint supplier codes for specific products. So it doesn’t matter if you run PPG paint, Glasurit, Mipa or any other brand of paint, we will pre-program the drying specifications of this paint into your REVO.

The REVO uses electricity alone so installation is more economical to run and more cost effective to install. Your workshop does not need costly upgrades for more GAS mains, pipes and alike. This is a real point of difference with the REVO unit compared with many of our competitor’s offerings of GAS fired infra-reds.
Recently TRUFLOW have completed and setup a number of workshops around Australia with new water borne ready full downdraft ovens, mixing rooms and preparation bays fitted with REVO infra-red units. We install in all states and territories Australia wide and provide a personal service with the quality you expect from an Australian Made product. 

If you would like to find out more about our TRUFLOW range of products please call us at the head office on (03) 9794 9498 to speak with our technical staff or come see us at the 2015 Collision Repair Expo – We will be demonstrating our units over the three days including a REVO infra-red unit and our new Elite Series Full Downdraft.

Andrews Smash Repair Install
Above: View the revo Demo video
Manual Infra Red Quick Repair
Above: Other TRUFLOW Products from the REVO Drying Range
Demos on both the Revo Speed and the Hand Held IR at the Bellini Training Facility.
Watch: TRUFLOW REVO Semi Arch Infra-Red Unit demo at the Bellini Training Facility.
Watch: Manual Hand held quick repair Infra-red "IR110" budget quick repair solution
MEDIA RELEASE: Quick Repair Cabin 2013, Downdraft Prep Areas
A GIANT Step forward for the Panel Repair and Painting industry

The quick repair cabin and preparation bay repair concept has changed and evolved since its initial uptake in panel shops around australia. TRUFLOW has utilised this quick repair concept and combined the traditional full downdraft concept to provide a quick repair station which has revolutionised workshops around Australia. The locally manufactured TRUFLOW preparation bays utilise the European panel repair industry concept of maximising painter productivity by reducing painter movement. Essentially all the tools the painter requires to make a repair are conveniently at hand for them in their own dedicated downdraft prep booth.

The current concept has grown through visits to Europe, Noumea and the asias to determine how repairs are handled worldwide and how can we adapt our repair systems to work on a local scale. Meeting with local panel repair shops to identify the experience they have had with different repair mentalities TRUFLOW have devised a preparation station that meets all customer wants and needs.

Truflow Prep Quick Repair
Above: 3 Bay Downdraft Preparation Bay - Maximize your profits
Dowdraft Repair Bay
Above: Multi-Zone Bays allow for each painter to own a space.

We have identified these wants and needs as S.O.S

S - Single Operator in the space

O - Ownership of the booth (Operators responsible for housekeeping of the zone)

S - Surgeons mentality. (All tools to perform the repair are at hand just like a surgeon during an operation) Maximise productivity.

The result was overwhelming, all panel shop owners utilising the new SOS preparation system explained how the TRUFLOW booth had reduced the workshop's bottle neck and increased productivity.

The TRUFLOW Quick Repair booth is now available in the REVO IR version, shown at this year's Collision Repair Expo in Sydney. The electrically operated prep booth or optioned spray booth has full functioning spraying and baking cycle using a IR Cure System. The use of a electrical only system is a step forward in a more carbon conscious world, where saving energy, money and reducing your carbon footprint are essential. Truflow this year are in development stages of a solar power prototype energy cell. This is coming from our 2009 promise to look at the development of eco-friendly machinery that will reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way into water borne paints.

Our current Gas heated systems are now running fully modulating systems across all spray booths in our range for customers who wish to maintain traditional methods of heating. All of the quick repair TRUFLOW spray booths utilise energy consumption, minimisation systems including high efficency low consumption fans and VSD (VFD) Systems.

Call us to discuss this system or any other TRUFLOW product from our range of Quick Repair Systems.

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