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A Spray Booth for every application.

Truflow Spray Booths manufactures spray booths, paint booths, baking ovens and industrial coating booths for all industries. Our systems are manufactured in Australia for Australia with world leading technology and Australian ingenuity that ensures a locally sourced solution for your painting workshop.
This mentality has developed a product range that can be applied to every industry. From Industrial coatings, parts finishing, automotive body shops, aviation and aerospace as well as large scale mining and trucking we have a solution to meet your needs.
TRUFLOW Spray Booths also build custom built spray booths that we engineer for your specialised requirements.

Truflow manufacture spray booths for all industries and install Australia Wide.

Follow the links below to see specifications and Spray Booth Models
Full Downdraft Spray Booths
Full Downdraft
Semi Downdraft Spray Booth
Semi Downdraft
Crossflow Enclosed Booth
Crossflow Spray Booth
Truck Painting Booths
Truck Spray Booth
Bus Painting Booths
Bus Spray Booth
Aviation Spray Booth
Aviation Spray Booth
Industrial Spray Booth
Budget Dry Filter Spray Booth
Budget Dry Filter Industrial
Open Face Spray Booths
Open Dry Filter Spray Booth
Water Wash Spray Booth
Water Wall Spray Booth
Production Line Booths / Ovens
Production line spray booth
Aluminium Repair Booth
Full Downdraft ELITE
Full Downdraft
Full Downdraft SPRAY PRO
Full Downdraft
Full Downdraft ECO
Full Downdraft
Auto Re-Finishing Prep Booth
Automotive re-finishing Prep Bay
Filtration Systems
Filtration System
Aviation Prep Booth
Aviation Repair Booth
Quick Repair Prep Bays
Quick Repair Prep Bay
Open Face Prep
Open Face Prep Bay
Spray Area
Spray Area 4114.2 Standards
Automotive Mixing Room
Automotive Mixing Room
Budget Mixing Room
Industrial Paint Mixing Room
Stainless Benches
Paint Mixing Stainless Bench
Crane Entry Booths
Crane Entry Spray Booth
Complete Workshops
Complete workshop setup
Blast and Spray Facility
Blast and Spray facilities
Spray Cube Portable
Spray Cube
Portable Spray Booth
Portable Spray Booth
K.A.N.E Series Budget
KANE Series
Infra Reds , Paint Storage, Paint Mixing Rooms
Paint Storage Cabinets Infra Reds and Smart Rapid Repair Booths Mini Smart Repair booth Spray Painting Equiptment and workshop accessories

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